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For Web Designers

EMS makes it incredibly easy for web designers to integrate advanced e-mail marketing functionality into new and existing web sites.

The intuitive subscription form generator produces made-to-order signup forms in plain HTML, so they can be freely stylized and integrated into your pages without worrying about loss of functionality. An optional flash form generator is available to make integration with flash-based web sites just as easy. EMS's powerful, standards-compliant HTML editor and template creation tools allow for simple, hassle-free implementation of e-mail templates which match or compliment the site's design, ensuring a consistent and well-branded presentation.

In addition to automatically providing a static web archive of any or all mailing lists, you can use EMS's AutoRSS addon to leverage existing site content into e-mail campaigns by enabling e-mail subscriptions to any RSS feed on the site. This is the easiest it has ever been to deliver your clients custom web sites with fully functional e-mail marketing features built right in.

For Marketing Companies

Direct e-mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain the interest of your core client-base and to build your brands. EMS makes the process simple, and provides all the tools you'll need to take full advantage of the medium.

EMS allows you to maintain mailing lists for any number of clients, and to provide them each with customizable subscription forms to paste into their own web pages. You can create and use any number of e-mail templates from directly within EMS's comfortable web-based interface in order to match the objectives of each of your e-mail campaigns.

The software makes it simple to send targeted mailings to subgroups within any of your lists based on interests, location, previous activity, or any other information you store. Optional A/B Split testing functionality allows you to compare the effectiveness of alternate designs, using the same industry-leading statistical tools that have made EMS the leader in PHP e-mail marketing.

For Web Site Owners

EMS provides advanced tools for improving your level of contact with your visitors and expanding your audience. Using the software's intuitive subscription form generator, you can easily produce customized snippets of HTML that can be pasted directly into your existing web pages and stylized to match your layout. If you use any MySQL-based software which already stores your clients' contact information, you can set up EMS to automatically synchronize any mailing list with the existing database with just a few clicks. The optional AutoRSS addon even allows you to turn any RSS feed into a subscribable, automatic e-mail list.

EMS's integrated, standards-compliant HTML editor allows you to create custom templates that match the style and branding of your existing material, as well as creating messages from scratch. The software's comprehensive statistical tools allow you to see how often your messages are opened, and to track click-throughs from your messages in order to determine what type of content your audience values most.

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