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EMS Email Marketing Solutions stands for ethical and lawful means of internet marketing, thus reducing to a minimum the abuse of emails in marketing by the use of unsolicited commercial bulk emailing campaigns and practices ("SPAM").

EMS Email Marketing Solutions adheres to industry and corporation privacy standards, and to legal parameters set forth by the governing authorities, and to this end has establishes this non-tolerance Anti-SPAM Policy. This non-tolerance Anti-SPAM Policy is designed to implement EMS Email Marketing Solutions standards of conduct in relation to the prevention of SPAM and EMS Email Marketing Solutions requirements from its clients as per principles and practices are put to use in this regard.

This Anti-SPAM Policy is subject to occasional update, last carried out as mentioned on the date above.


1. As mentioned above, EMS Email Marketing Solutions believes, practices and accordingly requires its clients to comply with the practice of using only permission-based email marketing. EMS Email Marketing Solutions insures its clients certify that they will use the software and platforms provided to them by EMS Email Marketing Solutions, only to send emails to customers and prospects that have directly consented (i.e. "opted-in") to receive their email. EMS Email Marketing Solutions clients are strictly forbidden to transmit SPAM via the EMS Email Marketing Solutions system and chattels.

2. As a condition of the use and rendering of EMS Email Marketing Solutions services to its clients, the clients have agreed to indemnify EMS Email Marketing Solutions and our suppliers from and against any and all liabilities, expenses (including legal fees) and damages arising out of claims resulting from the clients use. The condition includes without limitation any claims alleging facts if true would constitute a breach by the clients of these terms and conditions.

Preventing SPAM

1. All emails sent through the EMS Email Marketing Solutions platforms, which are not related to EMS Email Marketing Solutions or their routine business conduct (collectively: "platforms"), are deemed to be sent by EMS Email Marketing Solutions clients, and consist of permission-based "opt-in" communications.

2. EMS Email Marketing Solutions will not, under any circumstances, tolerate the use of its platforms to send SPAM, whether or not for commercial purposes. All EMS Email Marketing Solutions clients have been advised of UK and EU and global legislation in regard to SPAM, and have agreed to take full responsibility for all liability if any SPAM damage occurs (as mentioned above).

3. EMS Email Marketing Solutions, as part of its non-tolerance Anti-SPAM Policy, has the complete authority to immediately terminate the account of any of the clients using its platforms to send SPAM or to engage in any illegal action of such nature and sort.

4. EMS Email Marketing Solutions reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion what measures are further necessary in response to such SPAM activities caused by the clients, apart from immediate notice to the client and various other actions, some of which are technical in nature, all in the aim to protect the integrity of the EMS Email Marketing Solutions platforms for all of its clients with legitimate permission-based email lists and to insure the fulfillment and implementation of the law.

Precautions and requirements from EMS Email Marketing Solutions clients

1. EMS Email Marketing Solutions will require its clients to use all technical means to insure that each and every email communication originating from them, which had been carried out using the platform(s) provided to them by EMS Email Marketing Solutions, will contain a clearly visible "unsubscribe" hyperlink (or similar), thus providing the recipient the ability to Opt-Out successfully and to be deleted from the mailing lists.

2. All EMS Email Marketing Solutions clients are required to make use and publish a valid return email address of which they own and are related to, that would appear in the clients "from" field.

3. All EMS Email Marketing Solutions clients are required to state their actual business license(s) physical postal address in the body of all email communications which take into effect using the ECMDS platform.

4. EMS Email Marketing Solutions clients have been instructed and have accepted not to make use of any false headers or other misleading information, to hide the point of origin or the transmission path of the email, or to disclose the true origin of the email sender.

5. EMS Email Marketing Solutions clients have been advised of acceptable parameters under which they are allowed to conduct email-based marketing campaigns and activities, and have been notified that further requirements other to the above mentioned might with time to time be added by the relevant authorities, to which they must comply in full.

Report SPAM

EMS Email Marketing Solutions calls upon any private person or corporate organization which suspect that EMS Email Marketing Solutions client using EMS Email Marketing Solutions platform or any other of its chattels had used them with intention to send SPAM, or conduct in any other unlawful or unethical business manner, to kindly contact EMS Email Marketing Solutions representatives immediately by email at admin@emsbkk.com. Upon the receipt of SPAM complaint, EMS Email Marketing Solutions will investigate accordingly.

Dispute account termination

If any of EMS Email Marketing Solutions recipients or clients has reason to believe that EMS Email Marketing Solutions had terminated their customer account in error; kindly send an email to admin@emsbkk.com. EMS Email Marketing Solutions shall rapidly review the matter and make all possible means to solve it as soon as possible.

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